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Valdez Icons

Sweet, sweet icons

Valdez Created Icons
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Welcome to Valdez Icons! This community is maintained by Enrique Valdez (brakspants) and Ezz Valdez (ezzvaldez). Enrique and Ezz are the only ones allowed to post icons here, so please don't ask for posting access. However, feel free to friend the community if you're interested in our icons.

As with all icon communities, there are a few rules that we ask you to follow.

Please comment if you're taking any icons.
Credit valdezicons in your userpic keywords if you use any of our icons.
Do not alter or customize any icon, unless otherwise specified.
Do not hotlink. Save icons to your hard drive and upload to your own webspace if necessary. There is only one exception to this rule; if you wish to nominate one of our icons for an award, you may hotlink the icon (and please let us know where you're nominating).

You may also credit us by linking to us on your user info page by using one of these buttons:

leftofmyheart : saava : hermintage : teh_indy : fatexsucks : fophead : maggieroofus : _girl_a : miggy : gamin1432 : whenidance : setsuntamew : uncrunk : wheretheicons__ : unravelingsky : artistbynight : terra_katta : elicons : pekeana : blimey_icons : lvlwing : ohpaintbrush : shiin : dearest

Lost Media : Black Glass : Erica's CSI Caps : teh_indy's screencaps : Getty Images : X-Files DVD Screen Grab Archive : cap_it : as well as our own screencaps

sorrowful minstrel : syndarys : wtf? icons : impetus_icons : buckleberry_ : teh_indy : fallingpoodles : smashedprophecy : periwig : blimey_icons : entrancedicons

Want to be affiliates? Leave a comment.

Communities where we post:
bridgetjones : buttah_icons : csicons : csi_elite : geekyicons : goodhplotricons : radiofreeicons : takenote_icons : troyicons

Challenge communities where we occasionally participate:
hush_challenge : hpicontest : hp_icontest : lotr_icontest : hp_hush : neutral_zone : film_challenge : txf_contest : gg_challenge : g_g_stillness : gg_chorus : csi_challenge : csi_hush : numb3rsicontest

Anyone new or old to LJ who is involved in icon communities, either as a creator or user, should read teh_indy's Do-s and Don't-s in the Icon Community.
Ezz's awards
Enrique's awards
You may browse our posts by subject in the memories.
If you would like to nominate our icons somewhere, that's cool! Just drop a comment and let us know where you're doing the nominating.